A Pylon sign is a freestanding sign featuring business names and logos in an effective way to provide advance notice for the location of your business. Often, the first impression of your business is a pylon sign offering high impact and low maintenance exposure. Any sign placed 60″ or higher (from the bottom of the sign to the ground) is considered a pylon. Pylon signs can focus on your business alone, or include the signs of many business in a complex. These are called tenant pylons. RPM Signs can aid you in determining what type of pylon sign suites your advertising needs.



An awning is an architectural projection that provides weather protection, identity or decoration and are typically supported by the building on which it is attached. An awning is comprised of a lightweight rigid skeletal structure over which a fabric cover is fastened to shelter windows, doors, decks and walkways.Adding a commercial awning to doors or windows of your business can add a graceful touch and is a great marketing tool for drawing potential customers. We provide designer quality interior and exterior awnings with or without graphics for doors, windows, patios, balconies, and doors. It will provide necessary relief from the sun or serve as an entry rain shelter. Commercial awnings provide a great deal of energy saving benefits that can help you recoup your investment.


Monument Signs

The purpose of a monument sign is not only to make your business easy to find, but also to leave a memorable impression on all who see it. Monument signs can dramatically increase your business’s exposure and strengthen your professional identity with their elegance. Monument signs are categorized as any sign that is placed less than 60″ high (from the bottom of the sign to the ground). Monument signs can utilize custom lettering, panels, cabinets, or electronic messaging centers to advertise your business. Using a wide range of materials, colors and creative design elements helps your monument sign not only promotes your business, but also become a vital link in your marketing efforts.


ADA Signage

Our Company serves a wide range of clients including Hotels, Nursing Homes, State Universities Systems, School Boards, Hospitals, Office Parks, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Commercial Developments and Government Facilities. Each sign is custom designed to meet the customer’s specific needs. RPM Signs works directly with its customers, architects, interior designers and general contractors in designing sign systems.The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public facilities are usable and accessible by people with physical disabilities. RPM Signs can assist you with finding solutions that are compliant to ADA requirements. RPM Signs can meet all of your ADA signage requirements, creatively and within budget. We can create custom ADA signs that include your brand attributes, while still fulfilling the requirements set forth by the ADA.ADA signage can match your specific brand colors, include logos and can be fabricated out of several different materials to match the overall sophistication of your other office signs. Our custom ADA Solutions include:

  • Bathroom Signs
  • Directional & Way-finding Signs
  • Elevator Signs
  • Room Identification

For those businesses that are not familiar with ADA regulations, RPM Signs will provide a free site survey to provide recommendations on required signage.


Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs from RPM Signs offer a traditional and economical means of showcasing your business, and are the most widely used signage. Named for their enclosure, cabinet signs have a metal frame and can be single faced or double-sided with either flat face or a raised (pan) face. They can be wall mounted, on a pole, or in combination with an electronic messaging center or monument sign. A cabinet sign from RPM Signs will advertise to all of your customers with first-rate precision and credibility.


Post & Panel Signs

Panel signs are one of the most cost effective and widely used signs in the commercial market. They are simple, durable, come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to fully customize your sign. Panel signs are generally not internally illuminated, but can be illuminated from the ground or from other sources of light. Extruded aluminum components give the signs many design options and make a wide variety of post configurations possible. They can be installed in a variety of ways, including double post, flag, ceiling,wall mount, or in combination with a monument sign. Most post and panel signs are designed using vinyl lettering. However, dimensional custom lettering can also be used if more character and elegance is desired in the appearance.