Way-Finding Systems

The goal of a way-finding system is to enhance an environment by guiding users to and from their destination with an easy-to-understand, attractive way-finding system. Way-finding systems have to be planned. They involve more than placing signs on every door in your building. At RPM Signs, we have significant experience in designing and manufacturing the signage components found in interior and exterior way-finding systems, including, but not limited to:


  • Entrances
  • Traffic Directional
  • Pedestrian Directional
  • Building Identification

  • Directional
  • Destination & Facility ID
  • Safety & Evacuation
  • Accessibility

way-findingWhen properly developed, the core elements of a way-finding program work together to assist users in:

  • Knowing where they are
  • Identifying their destination and following the best route
  • Recognizing their destination upon arrival

The perfect time to plan your way-finding system is when:

  • Your facility has grown physically
  • Departments / Names have changed
  • You are planning for a new facility
  • Your building does not have consistance throughout
  • People are constantly losing their way
  • Your sign program does not comply with the ADA

Way-finding systems assist users in navigating all types of places -hospitals, schools, public spaces and shopping centers. At RPM Signs, we value superior functionality and attractive appearance to provide lasting way-finding and signage solutions.


"Our new custom wayfinding system from Minahan Signs has improved the way our patients and visitors get around Windber Medical Center. It is now incredibly simple to navigate your way from the entrance to any particular office, department, or room. More importantly, our new wayfinding makes a positive impression while reinforcing our branded image that we have recently worked hard to build. I would recommend a custom wayfinding system to any business, not just hospitals."
-Kim Yantus of Windber Medical Center